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Free meatballs served at Wall St. testicular cancer event

Free meatballs served at Wall St. testicular cancer event
April 12, 2018 coraandkrist

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Free meatballs served at Wall St. testicular cancer event

A meatball can double as a carrot.

Case in point: “Balls to the Wall,” a testicular cancer awareness event running near Wall St. Monday from noon to 2 p.m.

The downtown Manhattan event’s sponsors are hoping to attract — and inform — people by offering a trio of free meatballs from a trendy local mini-chain.

As gimmicks go, the “balls” mash-up is a little cheesy.

Then again, so are some of the tasty eats on deck from The Meatball Shop, which has locations from Williamsburg to the West Village.

Giveaways include beef meatballs with classic tomato sauce, chicken meatballs with pesto, and spicy meatballs with Parmesan cream sauce.

The location for the good-health happening is outside the Bowling Green train station where Whitehall St. turns into Broadway — not far from the Charging Bull of Wall Street.

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“Balls to the Wall” on April 9 will take place down near the Charging Bull of Wall Street. (MARCUS SANTOS/NEW YORK DAILY NEWS)

It’s a fitting location, considering that rubbing the bronze beast’s dangly bits is associated with good fortune.

But the “Balls to the Wall” sponsor, the Center for Advocacy for Cancer of the Testes International (CACTI), knows that your health shouldn’t be left to luck.

As such, there will be a pop-up medical booth and a urology expert from New York University who can answer questions about testicular self-exams.

Free CACTI self-check “how to” fliers will also be available.

As you get smart, you can be well-fed.