Charas Consulting


Solange Charas is a board director, senior-level HR executive and adjunct professor.  Her advisory work focuses on assisting organizations optimize their investments in HR programs.  She has deep experience in all areas of HR, consulting to both management and boards on appropriate strategies utilizing innovative approaches. She specializes in human capital metrics, using an analytical approach to understand the return on human capital investment and the effectively deploy human capital in the organization.

Dr. Charas’ PhD research focused on new approaches to select, develop and manage passionate high-performing interdisciplinary teams, and their impact on corporate financial performance.  Her research on board teams has been published in academic and practitioner journals including International Journal of Disclosure and Governance, HBR and The Corporate Board.  Her current research is on the impact of C-Suite “team quality” on corporate financial performance.

Since joining Maracaibo, she has become a frequent speaker on Management topics, and has been published in various professional and academic venues including Harvard Business Review, The Conference Board’s Director Notes, The Corporate Board Magazine and the International Journal of Disclosure and Governance.  She has appeared on Bloomberg for Small Business.