Customer Mobile


Back in 2009, the original technology that form part of our current platform was being developed with the intention of applying this in the computing industry. Intrigued by the inherent flexibility of the technology, a handful of entrepreneurial-minded team members took it upon themselves to explore where else the technology may be of value.

Some four years later, Customer Mobile’s technology is now widely deployed by the top three wireless carriers in the United States at over 15,000 store locations. In addition, other customers include various equipment manufacturers and retail outlets that include Customer Mobile’s platform as part of their sales and marketing strategy.

Headquartered in the innovative city of San Francisco, and backed by a private investment group, Customer Mobile’s mission is to enhance the customer engagement efforts of businesses in many industry verticals and play an integral part in helping them achieve their growth and profitability goals.

Seeking to create a buzz and make the world aware of their innovative technology, Customer Mobile came to Maracaibo in 2015. Through Maracaibo’s public relation’s strategies and expertise, Customer Mobile was able to be featured in the Huffington PostDealNews, and in Business Insider.