David Gowel


David Gowel is the chief executive officer of RockTech, a consulting firm based in Cambridge, Mass., that helps companies get the most out of LinkedIn. Gowel, recognized as a “LinkedIn Jedi” by Inc.com and The Boston Globe, is not only the CEO of RockTech, but he is also the author of “The Power in a Link: Open Doors, Close Deals and Change the Way You Do Business Using LinkedIn.”

Gowel is a West Point graduate, who served as an Army Ranger in Iraq and as an assistant professor of military leadership at MIT. He’s spoken at various venues, including Harvard Business School, MIT, Babson College’s Graduate School of Business, Boston University, KPMG, the National Venture Capital Association and Private Equity International conferences.

Gowel co-founded RockTech with Mark Rockefeller to build software tools that help corporations increase productivity through quicker adoption of underutilized technologies. He was recently a guest at The Presidential Town Hall on the Jobs Bill.”

While at Maracaibo, Gowel was provided as an expert in his field to major publications such as SmartBlog, Newsday, and many more!


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