EGC Group


EGC Group is a marketing agency for the digital world. Born as a long island advertising agency, EGC quickly sprouted into a customer-centric marketing agency with global reach. They combine data, insights and unbound creativity to get people, loving, sharing, calling, clicking and buying more of EGC’s clients’ brands, more often.

The EGC Group is made up of a team of marketing and digital professionals who are dedicated to moving, motivating and driving consumers to take action: to click on your site, walk in your door, buy up your products or services. EGC calls these points-of-action “The Finish Line,” and specialize in getting your prospects to cross it. EGC excels where other agencies can’t go or won’t go. They focus on completing and sealing the sale—getting consumers to open their minds (and their wallets) to cross “The Finish Line.”