Merchant Cash & Capital


For nearly a decade, Merchant Cash & Capital, LLC has been an industry leader in providing alternatives to traditional funding sources and an innovator in providing cash advances and other financial services to businesses in the retail, restaurant and services industries. MCC and its affiliates specialize in offering a unique avenue to funding by “purchasing” a small, fixed percentage of future credit card revenues and advancing that money to qualified businesses up-front. The MCC philosophy is to seek a funding option for almost every business that qualifies, regardless of credit history with no strings attached, no hassles, no hidden fees or unreasonable repayment requirements. MCC seeks to be a partner in helping businesses reach their potential by providing the funds required.

In 2015, Maracaibo and Merchant Cash & Capital were able to work together, resulting in MCC providing expert tips in articles featured in major publications such as SmallBizDaily, the Huffington Post, and the Daily News.