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Sabine H. Schoenberg is the founder of, a rapidly growing company, which provides in depth information on home design and home goods based on Sabine’s vast product knowledge. Sabine is a unique professional blend of designer, builder and realtor in one. She is a highly successful real estate expert with a keen eye for the relationship between home design and lifestyle. Sabine calls it “integrative living” and explains that balanced, health and wellness focused homes & properties impart upon their residents a higher quality of life. Sabine’s clients range from millennials to the so-called top 1% and celebrity buyers. She built and/or renovated numerous homes, from smaller to luxury homes that  earned accolades such as “Top 10 Home around the World” by a leading European magazine. Sabine’s passion for unleashing the power of home improvement through smart, innovative, healthy, eco-friendly building products & high-quality design can be seen in her current Cablevision TV show, Channel 88, in her YouTube videos, on and in her book, KitchenMagic.  Working with Maracaibo, Sabine is currently working  to bring it to a national audience. – stay tuned!



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