Sisters Cheryl Freeman and Donna Freeman Hughes are the design partners behind theFFS, an accessories studio based in Los Angeles and Miami. Before they joined creative forces in 2011, they garnered over 20 years of experience in the fashion industry, initially as print and runway models in New York and London.

Cheryl is a formally trained designer and approaches her work with an exactitude of construction and considerations of color and proportion. Donna’s process is more intuitive, drawing unexpected inspiration from both the spiritual and earthly worlds. Similarly, their jewelry can read as high or low, gritty or luxe, earthy or futuristic, depending on the wearer’s mood. Channeling references from Grace Jones to Gustav Klimt, they have always been fierce believers in bold individuals above fashion followers. Cheryl and Donna source materials from around the globe, but their products are made with love in the USA.

During their time at Maracaibo, theFSS has been covered in AM New York, Barneys, Essence, MORE Magazine, People, PureWow, among many others!