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Have your own game-changing moment

Have your own game-changing moment
June 1, 2012 mmadmin

NY Giants, Chase Blackburn is more than just the linebacker who made the game-changing play in Super Bowl XLVI. He is the NY Giants linebacker with an amazing turn-around story, helping children chase their own dreams while he continues to chase his.

Blackburn is always eager to help those in need, especially when it is something that involves kids!

On Saturday, June 2nd, Blackburn will be Kicking Cancer Overboard by participating in a charity fishing benefit that offers free cruises to cancer survivors.

Kick Cancer Overboard offers people that have been affected by cancer a chance to get away from everything that they are going through. It allows them a break for a few days where the most important question is not how to pay for the next medical bill, but whether to play bingo, get a massage or sing karaoke.

This event gives people the opportunity to spend a relaxing afternoon fishing with two-time Super Bowl Champion Chase Blackburn.Each ticket includes an autograph and photograph with Blackburn; there will be raffles and prizes given out throughout the event.

This event is not just for the person who likes to fish, or is good at fishing, but for the person who likes to tackle a challenge and who is eager and likes to help others. For more information on the event, or to purchase tickets please go to: www.kickcanceroverboard.com.

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This isn’t the only thing Blackburn has done to help the less fortunate…

In early February, Blackburn spoke at a press conference for Trinity Choice Communities. He shared his turn-around story with inner-city school kids, in hopes that they may have a game-changing moment of their own.

His visit marked the official kick-off of the revitalization of McGinley Square – a historic neighborhood in Jersey city – that is poised for a turn-around of its own.

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