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Yes….we put a dunk tank in Bowling Green

Yes….we put a dunk tank in Bowling Green
October 25, 2012 mmadmin

ImageChris, our wonderful dunk tank man, and Fox News Reporter Lauren Simonetti


First live segment 5am!  Right before Chris’s first encounter with the icy water.

Normal people would find it very strange to have a dunk tank at the Bowling Green pedestrian walkway (next to the iconic bull), arguably one of the most windy parts of Manhattan, in the middle of October.  We dreamed up this event for our client Michelle McQuaid and TellYourBoss.com, to help her raise awareness of bad bosses in America on National Boss Day.  From the early hours of 5am, our symbolic “bad boss” was dunked by commuters in the notoriously stressed-out and over-worked Wall Street area.  Founder of TellYourBoss.com and author of 5 Reasons to Tell Your Boss to Go F**K Themselves, Michelle McQuaid was on site to provide her professional advice for those dealing with a bad boss.

This event, along with the national release of a study we helped craft on bad bosses in America, garnered widespread media coverage across TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, and blogs, beyond our client’s “wildest dreams.”  Some of the ones we are most proud of: Wall Street Journal/Market Watch who we gave the exclusive to the night before,  Forbes who’s story on our study ranked most popular on their website  the day of the release, Harvard Business Review, who challenged bosses to do something to change the situation, Fox Radio Network , who broadcast a story in almost every corner of the country,, Good Day New York, who ran an exclusive in-studio interview with Michelle, and of course Fox anchor Lauren Simonetti’s live-shots from the dunk tank all day long to every major Fox Station across the country.  No wonder Chris’ lips were blue!

Talk about ending on a splash.  This great event and publicity experience marked my last big project at Maracaibo.  Next stop,  New York City at The Door!  Wishing everyone here at Maracaibo, both old and new, lots of continued success and we all know it’s never goodbye!

xx Kayla