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Paying it Forward

Paying it Forward
April 26, 2013 mmadmin

In the midst of tragedy, it’s easy for us to lose faith in humanity. But sometimes the selfless acts of others, the smallest acts of kindness, have a way of turning things around and restoring our hope for the future.

We’ve been so fortunate to get to know such amazing people who pay it forward everyday. Their philanthropic efforts have touched the lives of many and inspired us along the way. They bring happiness to the dullest of days and spread their positive energy wherever they go. They make us feel good about what we do!

Earlier this month, we had the privilege to work with The Wounded Warrior Project. We spent time getting to know the director, Army Staff Sgt. Dan Nevins, who lost his legs after a bomb blast in Iraq, but never lost his spirit.

“I think this is my kilt,” a man said to us outside CBS studio.  This was the first playful glimpse we got of Nevins. From the moment he joked with us, to hearing his story and watching him on the runway in the From Scotland with Love fashion show; it was such an honor to meet a true American hero who has fought to protect our country and who inspires people everywhere with his story.


New York Giant super bowl champ, Steve Weatherford is a big supporter of The Wounded Warrior Project along with many other organizations. To help spread awareness of the event later that night, which supports the Wounded Warriors, we booked Weatherford and Nevins on various TV stations sporting kilts, yes KILTS!


Then it was onto the runway at the From Scotland with Love fashion show decorated in arm candy by theFFS! (See above).


Philanthropy is nothing new to Weatherford.  Whether he’s collecting gently used toys and sneakers, or walking in fashion shows to support various causes, Weatherford gives back regularly. He is constantly looking for new opportunities to help those in need and has spent much of his off season partaking in causes all over.

Recently, Weatherford teamed up with Second Chance Toys and Viacom in Times Square to deliver gently used plastic toys to children in need.

Weatherford SCT
Second Chance Toys is a non profit organization that rescues and recycles plastic toys for children in need by donating them to community organizations. Because non biodegradable plastic is kept out of our landfills, Second Chance Toys is helping the environment at the same time.

When you were a kid, what was the one thing that would make your day? Toys!

Twice yearly, Second Chance Toys holds toy drives all over to collect gently used plastic toys. Last weekend, we helped them secure a spot right in Times Square for their annual Earth Week toy drive, which was incredible! We had close to 100 Viacommunity volunteers who cleaned, tagged, and redistributed toys with smiles on their faces, and some even brought their dancing shoes.  We had another one at Smith Playground and Playhouse in Philadelphia with Sharrif Floyd, one of the top NFL Draft pick prospects.

SCT Duffy Square

This “recycled love” brings smiles to the faces of disadvantaged children all over.

Speaking of love, or should I say “Peace. Love. Light.,” even if it is just an email signature, the Freeman sisters are beaming positive energy. This is reflected in everything that they do and everything they make.

The fabulous Freeman sisters, designers of theFFS, are extraordinary people, to say the least.

Recently, theFFS has teamed up with Fashion Fights Cancer (FFC), an organization that nurtures the minds, bodies, and souls of cancer patients through Cancer Survivor Program fashion and design-oriented activities. They have created a line especially for the FFC and have, of course, put positivity and love into each and every piece.


They have also auctioned off one of their pieces at the Blacks’ Annual Gala in Miami to raise money for The Consequences Charity and Foundation, who provide educational resources and experience for at risk teenagers.


It was definitely a month of paying it forward for Maracaibo Media and our clients — the kinds of projects we feel so proud to be a part of!

by Amanda Barry