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Mother's Day Gifts She Can Call Her Own

Mother's Day Gifts She Can Call Her Own
May 11, 2013 mmadmin


Moms are always there to cook your meals, to cure what ails you and to offer you motherly advice. Everything a mother does, she does with her own personal touch. So don’t generalize your mom with others when it comes to Mother’s Day shopping this year. Give her a truly personal gift she can call her own – and one that will constantly remind her of you.


What’s the best way to show your mom that you carefully selected a gift just for her? Have it custom made!  When it comes to personalization, the possibilities are endless.  From initialized jewelry to a family photo necklaces, having something that reminds her of her family and her special role will be a gift she cherishes forever.

A perfect custom made gift for this season is monogram jewelry. She’s probably admired the monogram necklaces being worn by her favorites, from the Real Housewives series to The View – it’s the gift she’ll never take off! Google “personalized jewelry” and you will find a variety of designs to choose from. (One of our favorite companies is Shame On Jane because the jewelry comes in a beautiful box that looks like a cake.) It’ll keep your mom up to date on the hottest trend, and at the same time, stay unique with her own initials

ShameOnJane jewelry -- Something she can call her own!

ShameOnJane jewelry — Something she can really call her own


Another way to set your mom apart from the rest is to get her a gift that’s one of a kind. That can include handmade items by you – things as simple as a card, a poem, or a picture collage. These kinds of gifts always tug at the heartstrings – and end up in a frame on the wall.

You can also buy a one-of-a-kind gift that carries special meaning. Maybe it’s a bracelet where proceeds are donated to a meaningful charity. Or an item that brings her “good luck.”  theFFS jewelry, for example,   lets you  create a special arm party that defines who your mother is –and how much fun she likes to have – but it also, according to the designers, contains “positive energy” which every mother can never get enough of.

Handmade bracelets from theFFS to benefit Hurricane Sandy victims

Handmade bracelets from theFFS to benefit Hurricane Sandy victims


When it comes to family, there’s something special about the kitchen. According to research, it is the one room people connect with emotionally – more than any other room in the house –even the bedroom!  The kitchen is where family memories are made and where lifestyles are defined.  So for Mother’s Day, it is fitting to buy your mother a kitchen “experience” that fits her family.

Kitchen Magic by Sabine Schoenberg

Kitchen Magic by Sabine Schoenberg

Kitchen Magic is a new book that outlines the latest trends and upgrades to inspire and celebrate your specific family Now that’s bringing your mom one step closer towards her “dream” kitchen.

If your mom likes saving (Who doesn’t?) you can consider an alternative option. Instead of giving her a particular gift, give her the gift that keeps on giving: a coupon book! With this option, you can get her coupons to local businesses or even get creative by incorporating different activities with or chores from family members.  Remember to start with the “breakfast in bed” coupon on Mother’s Day morning.

Take Mom on an “adventure” with Bonvoy Adventure Travel

Experiential presents hold a special place in a mother’s heart because it means they will be spending extra time with you. It can be something as simple as a girl’s day out for a manicure and pedicure – or as extreme as a vacation to Moab Utah to ATV against a desert backdrop. And whether you go for the pampering or the adventure, you’ll be able to enjoy some quality time together. This is her day — make sure she knows it!