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Steve Weatherford: Kicking Up Philanthropic Initiatives

Steve Weatherford: Kicking Up Philanthropic Initiatives
September 13, 2014 amanda_barry

As we’ve seen over the years, Steve Weatherford is no stranger to giving back. He spends much of his free time — in and out of season – helping those less fortunate them himself. Now, he will coordinate all of these efforts under the umbrella of his new charitable foundation: The Steve Weatherford World Champion Foundation, set to launch today.

Weatherford announced the launch of SWWCF at the grand opening of Momentum Cycling and Fitness Club in Summit, New Jersey. Momentum Fitness owners Meneske Robinson and Camellia Redmerski were thrilled that Weathered chose their Grand Opening as the event and venue to kick off the Foundation. Weatherford, who continues to make a name for himself outside the NFL, made time to meet up with event attendees during his in-season appearance on September 13th.

A brand new, state of the art fitness center, coupled with the chance to meet a professional athlete made for a winning combination – and a very successful event. Usually, fitness centers will promote a specific workout or technique. Momentum Cycling and Fitness club uses several, making it a unique experience to say the least. By using a variety of different workouts, Momentum will employ Spinning, HIIT, TRX,and core strengthening, all of which complement each other. If you ever needed a little motivation to get in shape, take a look at Steve Weatherford. His teammates believe he may well be the strongest player pound for pound, not something you’re accustomed to hear about a punter.steve weatherford blog post Men’s Fitness even referred to his workout routine as “maniacal”. It’s safe to say this workout will be leaving you sore for days. A perfect excuse to plop yourself on the couch and watch football all Sunday long.