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20 Years Later Central Perk Opens to Public

20 Years Later Central Perk Opens to Public
September 19, 2014 amanda_barry

This one’s for all the Friends fans out there: Central Perk has officially opened its doors to the public on Wednesday in conjunction with the 20th anniversary of the hit sitcom we all know and love, Friends.
The Central Perk pop up café is marketing genius by 8:00 Coffee and Warner Bros. who are giving fans the chance to not only sit on the original orange couch, but also place their order on the famous Central Perk chalkboard.orange couch

Friends proved just how devoted their fan base is, with supporters coming in from Australia, Brazil, Chile, China, England, France, Germany, Japan, Ireland, Israel and the Philippines. The pop up café has only been open since Wednesday and has already served over 1,000 cups of coffee to more than 1,500 customers. Fans who couldn’t make the trip made their presence known online with over 7,800 “Central Perk” mentions on social media in the past 24 hours.
And Central Perk won’t disappoint with a special guest appearance from the show’s barista Gunther (James Michael Tyler). Tyler will be sporting his signature bleached white hair, bringing it back for this special occasion.ustv_friends_gunther

The café is a Friends fans dream; the set-up is that of a museum with Friends memorabilia available for purchase along with 8:00 Coffee’s limited edition “Central Perk Roast.”
If you’re a Friends fan you don’t want to miss the chance to bask in the nostalgia one last time. With an output expected to be as high as the ratings, will October 18th really be the last we see of the Perk? What do you think?