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#BendGate: Apple's iPhone 6/6 Plus Malfunction

#BendGate: Apple's iPhone 6/6 Plus Malfunction
September 25, 2014 amanda_barry

Days after the Apple iPhone 6 and 6 Plus hit the market with 10 million units flying off the shelves, Apple is now experiencing its first major hardware issue: The phone bends in your pocket. Experts report that the defect arises when people keep the device in their pockets for long hours. iphone-6-bend-859x600

So what’s the reason for the malfunction?

Experts at Apple promote the new iPhone 6 as: “Hardware and software functioning in perfect unison, creating a new generation of iPhone that’s better by any measure.” Yet, this new hardware could be the main cause of the issue. The sleeker body is made with a thinner aluminum than used in past iPhone models. A larger iPhone 6 made with a thinner aluminum body than post iPhones simply cannot handle the pressure that comes with keeping the phone in your pocket for hours, according to experts. Dr. Cathy Foley, chief of materials and science engineering at Australia’s chief of research body, CSIRO, gave her take on the malfunction, “Chances are, Apple went through a reduction in thickness to make them lighter and cheaper, but in the process, they probably made a compromise on the amount of rigidity.” Efforts to reduce costs, by a company expected to profit 74 percent off the $869.00, iPhone 6 has users questioning if Apple is truly for the customer.

Consumers took to social media to voice their concerns. Tweeting pictures of their bent phones with the hashtag, #BendGate and many are still waiting for answers. Apple has yet to address the issue, and will not comment on if bent iPhones will be eligible for refund or exchange. An issue with the design’s model is not the excuse users were looking for. Especially with other models, such as the OnePlus One by Android featuring a phone of similar size made with a magnesium body rather than aluminum (Magnesium is usually more expensive than aluminum). Has Apple lost its status as the king of the Smart Phone? Only time will tell.

Side Note:

If you were one of the 10 million to snag an iPhone this past week – or if you are still thinking of getting the 6 in spite of #bendgate, keep this in mind:

Security breaches from personal information left on old phones is becoming a big issue. Hopefully you still have time to make sure you have protected yourself by following these steps from Blue Fountain Media’s cyber-security expert, Mike Ricotta: