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Friday Media Mash-Up

Friday Media Mash-Up
October 10, 2014 amanda_barry

With another week coming to a close, MMG brings some brand new features of our clients in recent news/media. Before that, to keep you up -to-date, here’s a run-down of this week’s top stories:

  • Brittany Maynard, a 29-year-old diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor, who announced she would plan her own death, sparked a national debate on the right for a terminally ill person to choose to die.
  • Another state hops on the marijuana legalization bandwagon as Philadelphia is the latest to decriminalize cannabis. The city now holds the record as the largest US city to replace arrests with fines for a small amount of marijuana. What was once a controversial subject is slowly becoming the norm country-wide.
  • The king of online retail has its sight (and in this case, site) set on Manhattan. The well-known online store has announced the opening of its first physical shopping center in the heart of New York City. So while the thought of opening their doors to the public may be appealing to some, Amazon made their name through online shopping. An online shopping center opening a brick-and-mortar store raises a common question: Why go out to shop when you can do it from your computer?
  • Kate Spade luxury brand has announced plans of a new store set to open at “The Mall” in Short Hills, New Jersey. The construction site is what makes this story interesting. The designer brand has introduced a new, unique set up, showcasing their new products in the “shoppable scaffolding” of the construction site. Taking shopping to a whole new level, customers can now buy products before the doors even open. Talk about maximizing your profits. Could this be the spark of a new trend among retail brands?

Moving on, for the third week in a row, MMG proudly presents our Friday media mash-up:

Adrian Ballingerabout.com-logo-160x160: He’s summited Mount Everest six times and skied down the Himalayas; so while it’s sometimes easy to get caught up in the thrill, Adrian Ballinger knows the importance of safety in these extreme environments. Ballinger was featured in About.com’s article, giving his expertise on avoiding injuries as well as identifying the risks associated with new military-themed obstacle course races.

chicago tribuneSolange Charas: How do businesses and corporations find the best people to fill their job positions? In the Chicago Tribune’s article, Solange Charas of Charas Consulting explains the importance of the HR department when searching for the perfect fit among  employees.

cbs-48x48Will Waldner: So you’ve filed for foreclosure and moved out; but what happens to your old home? Will Waldner of Midtown Bankruptcy gave his take on “zombie foreclosures” and what they mean for your neighborhood in his interview with CBS 2 News NY.