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Friday Media Mash-Up

Friday Media Mash-Up
October 17, 2014 amanda_barry

TGIF and that means it’s time for another MMG media mash up. Here’s the latest from the press, more articles featuring our clients.


US-NewsSabinesHome: Sabine H. Schoenberg, luxury home designer and creator of SabinesHome, provides some renovations in the home to make daily life easier for your elderly parents; featured here at US News & World Report.


datanami_111x111RJMetrics: Big data and analytics provide a new way to transform your company along with maximizing profits. But, what exactly does it mean to become more “data-driven”? Jake Stein, COO of RJMetrics, provides 5 traits of data-driven people in his article at Datanami.com.




New York Giants punter Steve Weatherford featured in ESPN discussing his ‘maniacal’ health and fitness routine and how it powers his punts.