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Holiday Season Has SMBs Stepping Up Their Social Media Game

Holiday Season Has SMBs Stepping Up Their Social Media Game
November 12, 2014 amanda_barry

For small businesses looking to increase sales this holiday season, look no further than social media marketing. Advertising deals on sites like Facebook and Instagram are sure to increase sales; yet, more and more small businesses report that developing an organic social media strategy is key for marketing their products online.

With social media continuing to increase in popularity, small/independent retailers are getting more aggressive in their marketing tactics, especially during the important holiday season. However, marketing through sites like Facebook is unfamiliar for many small businesses, making the marketing process easier said than done. Christina Shaw, chief marketing officer at Blue Fountain Media, gave her input to the Associated Press, “All of this is new territory for small businesses. They’ve not been used to using social media actively.” Likely so, Shaw believes that hiring an expert can make all the difference with online marketing.

After all, it’s easy to post a picture or a link to your site on Facebook, but is that really getting the job done? Experts provide the key techniques for developing a successful strategy. In a career like marketing, it’s all about knowing your customer base and demographic; something that is essential when it comes to social media. Hiring the right expert allows companies to locate target customers, and the sites they frequent most, proving to be a must-have in today’s technology era.

For small businesses looking to step their social media game up this holiday season, be sure to check out our client Blue Fountain Media , a premier digital agency based in NYC.