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Media Mash-Up

Media Mash-Up
November 14, 2014 amanda_barry

What better way to cap off the week than with another one of MMG’s signature media mash-ups? Enjoy!


washpostNow offering more than just phones, Verizon Wireless will now be publishing their own news stories; further enforcing their brand. Chief marketing officer at Blue Fountain Media, Christina Shaw, gave her take on the new trend known as “brand publishing” and what it could mean for the future of journalism. (Washington Post)


Showing they’re truly getting with the times, more and more small businesses are taking to social media sites like Facebook to market their products; and its paying off with huge earnings. Christina Shaw of Blue Fountain Media provides a few guidelines for mastering the social media market and the big benefits included. (The Big Story, ABC News)



And be sure to check out New York Giants punter, Steve Weatherford, on this week’s episode of CBS Game Changers discussing fitness and philanthropy!