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Media Mash-Up: New Year Edition

Media Mash-Up: New Year Edition
January 2, 2015 amanda_barry

Happy New Year from all of us at MMG!

To make sure you’re starting 2015 off on the right foot, our clients have shared their expertise:


Chief Strategy Officer at Merchant Cash and Capital, Walt Levengood shares some financial essentials for small businesses to grow in the New Year in the New York Daily News.


DailyNewsBankruptcy attorney and personal finance expert, William Waldner, provides ways to start the new year off on the right financial foot – everything from paying the minimum on your credit cards to making a budget. See more in his New York Daily News article.


ROIEvery business owner knows that return customers can be your best customers – and Austin Paley, corporate marketing communication manager at Blue Fountain Media, shares ways to protect your business from losing customers in the New Year on Retail Online Integration.