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Media Mash-Up

Media Mash-Up
February 26, 2015 amanda_barry

With the week coming to a close, we here at Maracaibo would love to share some of the exciting headlines that are going on with our clients. Check out the latest news, fresh from the press room! Enjoy!  

Adrian Ballinger 

Adrian Ballinger did a live interview with CNN in which he discussed some of the new routes fellow mountaineers should take while climbing Mt. Everest. His response was in wake of a deadly avalanche that occurred last April, which took the lives of twenty-five people. With Nepal having come under intense scrutiny due to the avalanche, the government of Nepal has claimed to have improved safety procedures. In an interview with the Associated Press, Ballinger disagrees with some of the new procedures that have been implemented by the Nepalese government, seeing the procedures as unproductive to securing the safety of climbers. “There is no need for dining tables or heaters at Camp 2,” Ballinger said, adding “that a highly funded and trained rescue team should be at the base camp to respond when needed.”

New York Giants’ punter, Steve Weatherford, has also been in the news as he announced his 2015 high school recipient for Project Prom. The Project Prom 2015 high school selection is Dickinson High School in Jersey City.  Steve will be identifying and selecting 5 seniors that are not able to afford to attend their Senior Prom and  will be providing everything needed to make this a night to remember. This will include tuxedos, dresses, hair, nails, dinner, limo, and tickets to the prom. Weatherford, speaking on the significance of the charity said, “A prom is something you can never replace.” Also, in an interview with Fox News, Steve offered his thoughts on the New England Patriots and their recent “Deflate-gate” scandal and how he believes the scandal will lead to the NFL to change its’ procedures as to how game balls are handled.

Thanks for reading this weeks Mash-up! Check back back in for more updates on what is going on at the press room!