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How to Host a Game Day Party at Your Place

How to Host a Game Day Party at Your Place
February 2, 2017 amanda_barry

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HAVING A FEW pals impromptu over to watch your favorite team face off is fine every once in awhile, but why not, ahem, up your game with a pre-planned gathering? It’s actually a lot less work than you think, as long as you follow these tips and recipes from Troy Francis, owner and event producer at Troyal Events in Washington DC, and Dan Churchill, chef and author of Dude Food and The Health Cook.

Invite based on your space

More specifically, keep your numbers to however many you can comfortably seat in front of the TV(s). “You have to have adequate seating for everyone that you invite,” Francis says. “No ifs, ands, or buts about it…it’s a game-watching party!” He also recommends limiting the list to big fans only—”jerseys or team apparel are required for everyone to wear to create a true sports environment”—but if you know for certain that some of your guests prefer to be gabby than engrossed, you can over invite by a few, says Churchill, but perhaps suggest they chat out of earshot of the TV.