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These 5 Industries Have the Most to Gain from Chatbots

These 5 Industries Have the Most to Gain from Chatbots
October 9, 2017 coraandkrist

Headliner Labs featured in

Among those exploring consumer facing technology, chatbots are currently all the rage. Advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) have enabled a new generation of chatbots that are rolling out across all sectors, marketplaces, and corporate organizations. The industries employing them report with enthusiasm. Not only are the chatbots communicating better with customers than live personnel, they actually demonstrate a measurable capacity to convert visitor traffic, increase sales, and boost customer engagement, while also lowering the costs to do business.

“We’re seeing a true revolution in mobile commerce; chatbots are the optimal platform for converting sales,” says Dana Gibber, COO of Manhattan-based Headliner Labs. Headliner Labs is pioneering the development and integration of best-in-class AI-powered chatbots for ecommerce. “We’re rolling out a product that’s bolstering direct-to-consumer sales by up to 63%, while also positively increasing brand engagement,” she notes. “Suddenly, this is not a question of if companies will start implementing chatbots like ours — it’s when.”