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Yule Love These Holiday Cocktails

Yule Love These Holiday Cocktails
December 24, 2017 coraandkrist

Natalie’s Orchid Island Juice Company featured in

The lights are up, the presents are all wrapped (or if you still need them, you can find inspiration in our gift guides right now), and the family is on the way over. Between the hard work finally being done and the impending assault of awkward questions and pairs of socks you don’t really care about (though these socks would be a welcome gift), now is the perfect time for a cocktail.

What to have, though? In the glow and twinkle of the holiday decorations around you, you’re just not feeling your go-to Old Fashioned (though if you are, you should use these whiskeys). Instead, you want something to match the scene around you. Below, you’ll find some of our favorite holiday cocktails this year, with options for everyone, no matter your taste in alcohol.