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How a New Wave of Feminism is Changing Home Decor

How a New Wave of Feminism is Changing Home Decor
March 8, 2018 coraandkrist

Nancy Fire Featured In:

Each March, we make a point to celebrate the female role models who came before us during Women’s History Month. And this year, it’s especially poignant in the wake of the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements—as we watch women around us continue to make history and demand their voices be heard in ways they’ve been systematically silenced before.

With any big movement inevitably comes some level of commercialization. Occasionally, that can come with questionable motives, while in other instances it aims to fuel the cause it supports (with charitable donations and the like). Other times, though, it transforms into inevitable moments of art imitating life: the personal realms of fashion, design, and decor are unavoidably influenced by the political. As people who relentlessly cover home trends, we can’t help but notice how the reignited feminist movement has crept into that sphere. And according to trends forecaster Nancy Fire of Design Works International and HGTV Home, the current charge is affecting how women are designing and what they are buying for their homes.