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Cheat Sheet for Putting Your LinkedIn Profile to Work for Your Job Search

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After all the effort you put into your LinkedIn profile, you’ll have about a minute to convince a potential employer that you’re the guy/girl for the job. That being said, your profile needs to be as presentable as possible. Follow a few simple tips to update your profile and make sure you won’t be dismissed by recruiters.


The more keywords the better. By including keywords in your profile, you’ll get your profile more views and more connections. A popular LinkedIn profile makes you that much more presentable to potential employers.

Another important note: if you write blogs or create different content on line – make sure you share it on LinkedIn. Social shares – in other words people sharing what you write can make you one of the most popular people on the site!

Update Your Goals:

Make your profile specific to you. You’ll want to keep your goals updated, on a regular basis – and not only your accomplishments – but the goals you aspire to as well. That forward kind of thinking could be exactly what a recruiter is looking for. Keep a tab on keywords, by adding them to your goals you’ll make your profile more searchable.

Include Everything:

In today’s world, the average person works 6-8 jobs in their lifetime. While employers want experience in their field, your job history is important as well. A variety of different jobs gives recruiters an idea of who you are and your range of skills. While some argue to stay current, your job history gives a prospective employer a well rounded view of you – more of the big picture.

Recommendations & Contacts:

The more recommendations and contacts you have, the better. LinkedIn is where professionals connect with other professionals. Your social circle – and what they say about you can be the differentiator between you and another candidate. Every time you meet someone interesting, invite them to your Linkedin page – and make sure you keep your recommendations current. Old recommendations may send the wrong message and raise the questions: Are you still at the top of your game?

Keep Your Summary On Point:

Create a summary that separates you from the rest of the job-seekers out there. Keep it simple and organized. Break up big paragraphs to several short sentences with bullet points. Large paragraphs look nice on an essay, but employers will pass over anything that looks too long. Keep it simple and get your point across.


A presentable photo will really bring your profile together. A simple and professional picture of yourself really gives your profile a sense of personality and puts a face on your words. Keep it casual, yet presentable. And no extra arms cut off in the picture – take a picture that is just you – no cropping out old boyfriends or girlfriends!

For more information on this subject, you can check out digital media expert and CEO of Blue Fountain Media Gabe Shaoolian’s segment on Fox – or his company’s blog on making the best use of LinkedIn.