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Piquant Cucumber Juices

Piquant Cucumber Juices
October 13, 2018 coraandkrist

Natalie’s Orchid Island Juice Company featured in

Piquant Cucumber Juices

Natalie’s Cucumber Jalapeno Juice is Made with Just Four Ingredients

The spicy yet cooling flavor combination of cucumbers and jalapeno peppers can be found in everything from cocktails to salads and Natalie’s Orchid Island Company offers an clean and simple Cucumber Jalapeño juice that is made with just four ingredients.

As well as featuring the pure tastes of cucumber and jalapeno without preservatives, artificial ingredients and added sugar, the drink contains apple and lemon, which help to round out the beverage and provide additional health benefits. Natalie’s Orchid Island Company describes its four-ingredient, minimally processed Cucumber Jalapeño juice as one that is “known to boost metabolism and support healthy skin.”

While the bottled beverage can certainly be consumed on its own, the brand also suggests creative recipes like Witches Brew Punch and a Yellow Bloody Mary.