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Halloween and Your Teeth – The Scary Truth

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The Best And Worst Halloween Candy For Your Teeth

It’s Halloween and your kids come home with a boatload of candy. They want to eat it. You want to eat it. Everyone wants to eat it.  And according to leading NYC endodontist, Dr. Adam Harwood, it’s okay to indulge once a year. But according to Harwood, “the longer the teeth are exposed to the sugar the more likely cavity-causing acid will accumulate.” He suggests making smart choices even when you are indulging.

So, let’s go through the best and worst candies when it comes to keeping your chompers in check. That way you are prepared to foster responsible snacking for you and your loved ones.

Best: Sugar-free candy and chewing gum

Candy without sugar will not produce bacteria and acid that cause tooth decay. In fact, artificial sweets activate your salivary gland and the excess saliva washes away anything sticking around too long. Many dentists actually recommend chewing sugar-free gum for 20 minutes after a meal. You can do the same on Halloween.

Good: Chocolate

Chocolate won’t stick around in your mouth very long because it dissolves quickly. Curtailed contact with teeth will lower the risk of tooth decay. Be wary of chocolate with caramel or nuts since these foods tend to adhere to tooth surfaces.

Bad: Hard Candy

Sucking on a hard candy is like giving the bacteria in your mouth a constant supply of acid causing sugars. That means Jaw-Breaker and Jolly Ranchers are a no go.

Worst: Chewy Candy

Chewy candies are a double whammy. What makes them so chewy is the large amount of added sugar which damages enamel. Also, the sticky texture leaves the candy on the surface of your teeth long after you think you’ve finished eating it.

Your neighbors might think you’re a stickler and your kids might call you lame, but having a plan on Halloween can make for a better healthier and more enjoyable holiday.