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3 Ways To Incorporate Video Into Your Social Media Strategy

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Add Spark to Your Social Media

Video is a great way to liven up your social media strategy and keep your feed relevant and attractive. Certain things just can’t be expressed in writing alone.

Visuals are easier to digest. It takes whoever is watching and makes them a passive spectator. The information is automatically transmitted through the eyes into the banks of memory with minimal effort on the part of the viewer. It is a more immediately pleasant experience for followers to take part in.

So, with that being said, here are three ways to implement video into your social media strategy.

1. Take Your Viewers Behind the Scenes

While well-produced – and possibly rehearsed – videos are well-received, taking viewers behind the scenes and giving them a raw and authentic sneak peek can be a great way to connect with your following.

2. Answer Followers Questions Directly

Let your audience know that you’re listening by answering their questions directly and honestly. Body language and facial expressions make your responses more complete.

3. Tell a Story

Video brings your storytelling skills to the next level. Give your followers something enjoyable to watch while informing them about your business and why they should choose you.


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