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New York’s Baldor Specialty Foods expands veggie side kits range

New York’s Baldor Specialty Foods expands veggie side kits range
April 10, 2019 coraandkrist

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New York’s Baldor Specialty Foods expands veggie side kits range

Baldor Specialty Foods, an ingredient source for NYC’s top chefs, announced the expansion of its retail line of Urban Roots Veggie Side Kits that the company premiered last year. The new kits, which are set to appear on produce shelves later this month, include a new line of veggie noodle sides as well as new cauliflower side dishes.

The company said that Urban Roots Kits make cooking easy without requiring a subscription or extra costs. They’re ready-to-use out of the package, and therefore eliminate the usual prep time and mess associated with making side-dishes.

The Urban Roots Veggie Noodle kits include:

  • Zucchini Pomodoro
  • Lo Mein
  • Sweet & Spicy Veggie Noodles

The new Urban Roots Cauliflower Rice Kits include:

  • Risotto Style Cauliflower Rice
  • Thai Curry Cauliflower Rice

According to Baldor, Urban Roots kits are designed for consumers to easily prepare restaurant-quality dishes, which require little-to-no chopping, in as little as five-minutes.

“Besides offering terrific fresh taste, Urban Roots are also highly approachable and home-cook friendly,” says Barry Frish, Marketing Specialist, Culinary Development at Baldor Specialty Foods. “We use ingredients people are already familiar with, making the kits a great way to incorporate healthy meals into the daily diet – without moving away from the norms of day-to-day eating.”

“We’re excited to offer this innovative line of freshly-made veggie noodles,” says Michael Muzyk, President of Baldor Specialty Foods. “Veggie noodles are hot right now and Urban Roots is all about making the kitchen experience efficient, fun and successful.”

The Urban Roots kits are made from scratch daily, the company said adding that it can enable quick turnaround from knife to shelf in less than 24 hours. The kits are available in the local grocer’s produce department.