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New menswear brand Charles Vane to open in Covent Garden

New menswear brand Charles Vane to open in Covent Garden
May 3, 2019 coraandkrist

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New menswear brand Charles Vane to open in Covent Garden

Charles Vane, a men’s fashion brand, is opening a menswear destination complete with third-party shop-in-shops and a full-service grooming station in London’s Covent Garden this month.

The flagship store will offer the entire Charles Vane collection of affordable Italian menswear, as well as a selection of handpicked items from its global brand partners such as Pariah Underwear, Wazimu, Sundek, Smartwool, Dango, and Müehle.

Additionally, award-winning barbershop Nomad Barber will open its third London location within the space, offering haircuts and other barbering services to shoppers. And a minimum of 10% of the store’s proceeds will be donated to local causes that make a positive impact on the world, in line with the brand’s socially-minded philosophy.

Matthew Langley, Charles Vane general manager, said the store will be launched “with the aim to create a multi-brand environment all housed within a single shop-able space, creating a series of shop-in-shop spaces allows customers to seamlessly move between brands and product whilst be immersed into the Charles Vane experience. Showcasing clean lines, subtle details, and considered finishes creates an experience that allows customers to experience the concept as well as learn about each brand’s’ heritage for the first time.”

Offering menswear made in Italy using cruelty-free fabrics, Charles Vane is a new fashion brand based in the UK. The new flagship store will be located at 3 Slingsby Place and open on 15 May.