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What the Office Party Look Like in 2021

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During this holiday season, people are eager to kick back and take some time to enjoy the company of coworkers. For many businesses, including Maracaibo, the holiday season is a nice time to honor, reward, and strengthen work relationships with an office party. Concerning our health and well-being, we ought to come up with a way to have a safe and festive celebration this year.

ROSIE’S Taco Meal Kit from Baldor Specialty Foods

Holiday parties often revolve around food. However, in-person dinner gatherings should generally be avoided. At MMG, we are exploring the different meal and wine kits from our client Baldor Foods. This way we can all enjoy a personal dish suited to our taste. Baldor offers a wide selection of meal kits with generous individual portions worth savoring for the sake of social distancing. Beyond Baldor, there are many other ways to include food in a fashionable way for your holiday party. In keeping with the theme of personalized products, you can do a holiday cocktail party. There are so many ways to keep this fun and COVID friendly. You could give each person a list of ingredients and learn how to make a fun holiday drink together, or have everyone bring their own to share their favorite drink.

With the power of video conferencing, take the holiday party virtual. Photo by Chris Montgomery on Unsplash

Perhaps you would rather go totally virtual. Our client, Paruzal Games, offers loads of online entertainment and their famous online escape rooms are just the thing for virtual gatherings. An idea for a more hands-on game during an all online party is virtual gingerbread wars. Each person can make their own house in a certain amount of time, and everyone can vote on the best house!

While we are all on a call with each other, there is no better time than to reach out to our clients and collectively wish them a happy holiday. At Maracaibo, the holiday party planning is ready to go! Starting to explore your own take on a holiday party can never start too early, especially given the added COVID risks.