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Baldor Joins Forces with Dr. Oz

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Throughout the pandemic, different organizations and shows have embraced the theme of giving back to the community. One group that took an especially major hit from the virus is local restaurants. Local restaurants are staples in every area; they show the history of the city and what it truly means to be a part of a community. However, between people wanting to stay safe and avoiding eating out, and restaurants having to cut back on their capacity due to safety guidelines, there was no way for businesses to earn the same amount of income that they had before the pandemic. This caused many issues for the local restaurants, as they had to worry about being able to keep their same standard of food, while also having the pressure of paying rent.

Both on and off the screen, Dr. Mehmet Oz has a history of helping those in need. Recently, he was a hero as he resuscitated a man suffering from cardiac arrest at Newark Airport, proving that he is truly a man willing to do anything he can to help others. To give back to this community, Dr. Oz started a restaurant relief program where he did whatever he could to help restaurants not only stay afloat but also continue to serve great quality food.

photo courtesy Dr. Oz Show.

In a recent segment on the Dr. Oz show, Baldor Specialty Foods joined forces with the restaurant relief program and helped a local restaurant in NYC by gifting them $3700 worth of food supplies from Baldor. Michael Muzyk, president of Baldor Specialty Foods, showed Baldor’s dedication to helping businesses who are suffering from losses during the pandemic. This gift from Baldor and Dr. Oz will help this restaurant keep people employed and the community well-fed, during this time of crisis.