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5 Ways to Grow Your Brand Reach Using Instagram

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In a society as focused on new technologies as much as we are, brands that want to succeed need to be as nimble as their customers when it comes to adopting the latest trends. In the past few years, consumer use of Instagram for Business has increased immensely, allowing many hitherto unknown brands to create a name for themselves using this platform.

But it’s no cakewalk. Building your brand on Instagram can be difficult if you don’t know how to leverage it to gain enough followers. Since 90% of users are under the age of 35, content should be targeted to gain the interest of those younger demographics. 

1) Stick to a Visual Theme 

An account’s overall look should be simple and cohesive, having each post follow a visual theme in order for its feed to look consistent. That’s important to maintain to keep the brand’s image looking sharp. This overall look of the spread will entice users to look more into the account beyond the single image that might have initially caught their eye.

2) Gain Viewer Insights

A popular feature on Instagram that many brands have recently been using to leverage their account is the option to become a business account. This allows the account holder to track their insights on how well each post does (how many sends, how many people viewed the brand’s profile, etc.). This business part of Instagram also creates an avenue for accounts to promote their content. This puts your chosen post to be seen on the explore page, as well as the shopping section (at times), providing larger exposure before a bigger audience.

3) Run Fun Promotions

One great type of post to promote is a giveaway. Develop a giveaway promotion where those who enter only have to follow, like, or share the post. This boosts your account’s content considerably, virtually guaranteeing more traction and traffic for the account. Prizes can range from actual product giveaways to large discount coupons.

4) Use Appropriate Tags and Hashtags

Having other accounts repost content on their feeds and stories goes a long way, but reposting content that your account is tagged in is important as well. This creates relationships with your audience which leads to larger avenues. Be sure to engage not only with your biggest fans but with other business accounts that complement the subjects found in your sector. 

5)  Be Topical

Make sure your account keeps up to date with current social and political trends. For instance, with May being Mental Health Awareness Month, brands can target specific posts around awareness for mental health. Being vocal on your account as it comes to what’s going on in the world provides consumers an environment where they feel safe and would want to return to see more content.

With a billion people using Instagram worldwide, the time to use it strategically to grow your brand is now. Instagram is a fantastic way to turn viewers and followers into long-term customers.