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Hacking is Why You Need PR

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Security breaches dominate the headlines right now, as industry after industry falls victim to some sort of cyber assault or ransomware demand.

Oddly enough, you don’t have to be the affected business itself to suffer “the hurt.” Just look at the Colonial Pipeline incident – which could have sent gas-pump prices skyrocketing for everyone -had its impact not been mitigated.

Next time, things might not work out as smoothly.

So wait, hacking is why you need PR? Well no, not for hacking itself. Hacking is just one of a number of crisis-triggering events that might unexpectedly pop up at your brand’s front door one day.

The question is: Are you prepared to answer its knock?

Crisis communication is just another example where having a team of experienced PR pros behind you is so valuable.

At MMG, we fulfill crisis communication needs for our clients all the time. We quickly draft a strategic plan for your brand’s response, issue standby statements for the media, and work with your management team to craft the best and most appropriate messaging for the public and press.

We’ve learned that a crisis nearly always is fast occurring, disruptive to the core business, and happens at the worst possible time.

It can be devastating to a brand – unless you have a crisis plan in place and counsel from a team that has “been there and done that” many times before.

Crisis communications are just one of the services we provide any client who signs on with MMG. We’re all about getting your name out there, promoting it in the most positive way, and protecting it from damage when crisis attacks. And these days, that can be any day.