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Expanding on to TikTok

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TikTok has become one of the leading social media apps that lends a platform to businesses and influencers. The video-sharing network provides hours of entertainment with short homemade clips. The app’s “for you page” allows for any user to be seen by other users all over the world. Along with hashtags, the app is one of the easiest platforms to go viral on- making it a useful tool for brands. 

Expanding your platform onto TikTok can raise brand awareness and increase communication with your target audience. Although the app is relatively simple in design, there are steps to take to be successful on it.  

1. Identify Target Audience: What is your audience looking for? 

Once you identify your target audience, something to think about is what type of content they want to see and how to correspond your brand with it. If your audience is crafty they might want to see life hack videos. If they’re younger, trends and challenges would appeal to them. If they’re social media savvy, influencer collaborations would be the ideal way to gain recognition within that community. 

2. Utilize trending hashtags and audios – at the right time

Like most social media platforms, hashtags are a great way to get discovered. Finding what hashtag to include in your post is easy – go to the discover tab on the app to see what hashtags are trending. Including these hashtags in the description of your video will allow your video to appear more on people’s “for you page.” This is the same for trending audios. What songs and sounds are trending is constantly changing. It’s important to note which ones are currently trending- timing is everything. When you go to add a sound to your post choosing one of the trending audios will increase the chances of your video being seen.  

3. Create content often

TikTok’s algorithm favors posts with more engagement, these posts are more likely to be shown on user’s pages. Therefore the more you post, the more likely your chances are of going viral. The thousands of sounds and editing options allow for users to get creative with their content. These options allow for creating unique and original content. The strongest TikTok feeds have a variety of posts that follow trends but also consist of original and creative content.  

4. Create a TikTok Ad

Running ads on TikTok is perfect for making sure a certain audience views your message. TikTok Ads has a whole guide to creating your ad, from objectives, budget, Ad group, etc… This easy step-by-step process can be found here.  When creating your ad you get the choice of automatic placement or setting it up manually.